Attractions and Places to Visit in Porto

Classified as a World Heritage Site since 1996, Porto historical centre contains a monumental and landscape richness where you can see several urban conceptual solutions varying from the medieval times to early modernity.

Landmarks in Porto

Porto dazzles with a rich collection of cultural attractions. This waterfront bairro positively insists you lose yourself amongst the maze of narrow streets and seek out some of the city's most cherished architectural treasures.
Spanning the Douro River is Ponte de Dom Luis I, the soaring bridge created by a student of Gustave Eiffel. While the lower deck conveys the city’s traffic, the top deck is now exclusively for pedestrians and a single Metro line. From here the views of Porto’s Old Town and beyond are stunning. On the other side of the great bridge you can discover Vila Nova de Gaia and its fascinating port-wine tradition.

Covering the steep riverbanks are scores of port bottlers and exporters, many dating back to the 18th century. Their terracotta-topped ‘lodges’ or warehouses are spectacularly lit up at night, and a number are open to visitors. Stroll along the waterside promenade here to drink in the atmosphere and gain idyllic views of Porto across the water. For a dramatically different experience, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art back in the city.

Cutting-edge exhibitions are housed in its impressive white minimalist spaces, plus there’s an elegant Art Deco mansion too. Both these museums and their extensive post-60s collections are in Parque de Serralves.

Clérigos Tower in Porto

Clérigos Tower

The architectural complex of Clerics, considered a National Monument since 1910, is one of the main points of interest for its Tower, Museum and Church, and a must-see location for all those who visit the city of Porto.

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Palácio da Bolsa in Porto

Palácio da Bolsa

Dating from the mid-19th century, Porto's former stock exchange contains a wealth of historic interest. Built on the site of a Franciscan monastery, its sumptuous interior is divided into several rooms and salons, each one singular in its appeal and worthy of close scrutiny.
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Lello Bookshop (Livraria Lello) in Porto

Lello Bookshop (Livraria Lello)

Livraria Lello is a living access door to its history: for preserving the building, for maintaining its original function as a bookshop, for the role of ambassadress of culture and for expanding the cultural dynamics of the city.

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